Survival of the fitest

Champs shorts.

You’re such a good sport, little buddy !

no, for real, …’s boxer shorts are comparable to a S.I. swimsuit edition swim suit ?

they are like the size of the clothes we put on our pets.

Although,……. when there is a polar bear in the tropics, or a lizard in the tundra…….

they can’t survive in those temperatures and weather. Survival of the fit-est.

So much for a Civilized society.

now-a-days people would rather live lile the zoo, roller derby, or mayham. All while sitting so calmly behind the steer-ing wheel.

It’s going to be a real culture shock when it’s really reigning cats and dogs.

some food for thought, i’ll take a case of long johns. Plain.

ha, ha, ha


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