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Reminder Tax Season

The Tax season is coming to a close. About a week until the due date. There are a lot of things to do, or that come up, between when you decide to work on your tax filing and when you actually get to it and actually complete and send them out.

hope it is a friendly reminder.

take care

Federal Tax website is

Good Times

rainy weather is sometimes a good time to scrub the steps, deck, and other cleaning. Using a bucket of water in addition to the rain, helps clear up the green grime, and wash away the years mildew.

I hope you have a good day.

SAT prep

Comparable and Comparsin questions are on the SAT exams and on ACT exams. Prep courses are a good way to prepare and study for the exams.

An example and funny comparable is: a pair of sneakers ,aka shoes; comparable to micro-macines, used for marketing motors, motor vehicles, motor skills.

In addition, physical. Physical comparrison of matter. A material difference, a material fact. A physical difference.

Physical requirements, and required physicals.