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New: you may Print, write, etc….. the products for sale on the website and give the appropriate amount.


Poems are electronic version. As seen or viewed. Copies can be handwritten, or printed, etc.

inspiration……………… 5.00 ea. copy

Title: Parenting Skills. 3.00 ea. copy

Research, Findings, & Discoveries

Title: Discovery and tip: accuracy and honesty . Electronic version. As seen on webpage. 2.00 ea. copy





Title: websearch(google) for socks: found, and other stores selling socks. The copy and pasted link from the google search is:
this is a cooy and pasted link from google search for wholesale socks for sale. The first ad showed several stores and several options. For example: DSW, store, Amazon sellers, EosWholesale. , Bare necesseities,, and others.

I posted this as a Resource, and reference for needed items and possible sale items.

It looks like they have socks of many kinds for sale at low and/or Sale prices. (I have not purchased from them yet)




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