Discovery and tip: accuracy and honesty

Many times in this world (not Earth, the world and all it’s world is not the physical land, sea, and air of the Earth) “what they are Not saying” is important. For example when dealing with claims, funding, accidents, illness, insurance, and not so “divine” appointments, the cause is important.

If the “cause” is not covered in the policy, money won’t be given or funds provided.

It is like my past discovery of identifying the difference between accurately identifying a broken bone in comparrison to a disease. One is “covered” on certain policies, and the other is not “covered” on certain policies. One is “recognized”. One is not “recognized”.

One gets payment and money. One does not get payment or money.

The common known quote of Shakespearre “To thy own self be true”, could help at times like these (or those), and being able to identify the state of being and condition of you and others can help identify if and when admission of fault is spoken.

Fear of loss. Fear of loss is part of this world. Fear of loss should be put in it’s place, for example: “there is a time and a place for all things under heaven….. ” a quote of the King Solomon.

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