Privacy Policy

This is a brief privacy policy. This website may collect data or information. It may collect, storage, and use data or information, although it currently is not using data more than the basic features provided for statistics of site views and visitors, blog following updates and communications, and similar. This website does not sell visitors data or information.

Data and information that may possibly be collected, storage, or used is data and information such as name, address, email, phone number, IP address, browser information, etc.

It is collected by the system or forms when searching, visiting the website, filling forms, signing up, etc. The data and information is storage with the third party host and/or data processors or communication transfer services, or with the website admin for email newsletter, sign up forms, etc. The information and data may also be collected using Cookie technology as noted in the Cookie display.

The data and information is used for normal operating of the website and communication of blog, blog post updates, statistics on traffic and website visits, and possibly marketing or advertising matching if used. This website currently does not have advertising set up.

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