Sales Stats

This is the sales and contribution statistics page It is a voluntary disclosure of received sales, money, conteibutions, etc. Due to obstruction and filtering there is blockage to me and my accounts (blockage as in a heart attack). Currently received funds is 0, zero, none, no paypal payments from the stepjournaldocs website. So, if a sales person is looking for their commission, they can know as of today Oct. Sixteenth, 2020, there have not been any sales received by me to pay you.

Stats are for website and Paypal buttons on

October 16, 2020: amount received is zero. {0}.

October 30, 2020. : amount= 0. Still zero. {0}

February 4, 2021: total amount = 0. This is not bull poop. {0} zero funds received. Much expence put out. Yes, i put out.

April 30, 2021 : amount= 0. Still zero funds, money received.

July 8, 2021: amount= 0. For this business the amount of monies received is still zero and/or minimal amounts.

Dec. 2021. Still 0.00. Zero dollars., zero referral from WordPress, zero,

All time, not a daily stat.

hoping for more than nothing. {As my lovely neighbors adress me (nothing)}

Also, please recognize, when people are upset about a website not performing to their expectations…..usually when a purchase is being made or a service paid for, the expectation is legitimate. People are getting this website and all its benefits for free. It is also at a cost to the Author, developer, manager. Dont complain about closing and opening times…….Over twelve months operating without compensation.

fyi. I tried most of the WordPress monetization hoopla and it did not work. It cost me…..time, effort, money,…..


March 24, 2022. Sale revenue, dollars or money received for website, posts, management, internship program, ….= 0.00. That is Zero.

Note: small personal tips under 20 dollars that are not aknowledged as to the stepjournaldocs website or program are not included, and have not been frequent.