Global Warming Notice #2

the thin layer of white clouds, actually makes a difference in the warmth that a person on earth feels from the sunshine.

when someone is warming their hands in front of the heater, and all of the sudden something gets in the way that cools off the warming process, it causes upset emotions.

hopefully people are starting to realize the truth about global warming and how backward it has been being responded to. Mainly because of fault.

Trivia: What does the sunshine, Sun, consume? As in terms of eating food.

The real global, earth, warming problem is that the core life is being extracted at an extremely fast rate.

Answer: One answer is gases, such as methane gases, animal and human waste gases and fumes.

Belated Mother’s Day TIP

Not much changes in life, from birth to old age; Mom and Dad making sure baby has enough water, getting out the bad gas, and wiping messy ___. Haha. Thanks to all the moms reigning in their team of children from one to endless, day one to ……… Most medical problems relate to dehydration and gas problems. Therefore, I need you therefore. Smile,smile

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Why are most field sports “today”, played near the interstate highways, busy express streets, and in large concrete buildings? Also, the County Fair grounds have no place to stay…. The Polo grounds should be a better example. Quiet and Peaceful is Possible.!
The structure is not set up for this…..