fee fi fo

when I get upset…….should I?……?……

A. Stomp around. B. Jump up and down. C. Tip toe around. D. Go for a walk. E. Warm up the place. F. Express myself. G. Keep it all inside. H. All of the above. I. None of the above.

good night. Xoxoxo hehehaha

state of influence

People call it many different things, like ‘state of mind’, state of emotions’, ‘state of being’,…….

when in a state of morning and loss, memories are dominant and the overhead influence……although, wait a minute…..I am not in a state of morning or known loss of a person?!?..

what is going on?……

well, the same season of water trickling down the streets and into the sewers…conflicting winds, like the nighttime transitioning to day and sunshine.

it us a sad state of affairs. People get depressed when the good guy wins, or the slaves are given rights, freedom, and just due. That is happening, that twisted emotional force is part of the conflicting winds……

story book endings are not supposed to be Stories.

Truth is not supposed to be a story…..it is not supposed to be a fictional imagination.

it takes effort to be a nurse, caretaker, parent, or friend. To life!

pie row

stay safe and stay warm, or is it stay warm and stay safe……hey wait, who is on first, or are we on second?? We are on first???….oh my!! WE’RE ON!!!

eat healthy, eat fruit pies…. fire it up. Thanks.xoxo

It’s all about…….

You gotta know when……

When you know that you know

hey, look there’s No Doubt

Questions, fears, doubts,…..in the steps of the journey….these hecklers are relentless. Be encouraged.

Side Notes: do you want to hold my hand..

Music Trivia: Q: How many guys were in the music band The Beach Boys?

Fyi: I am not sure of the exact answer.

take care…. bu bu buy bye..